I am a natural-born servant leader, working to build up and support the people I lead. An organization is only as strong as the people working for it, and it is my belief that the most successful businesses are made possible by a supported team. Providing that support is my passion in the workplace.

I love to create. I’m dedicated to telling brand stories.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve built two brands of my own. As a brand director, I’ve built brands for companies big and small.

As an idea person, communicator, and creative director, I’ve worked with teams to create books, websites, digital and retail experiences, product launches, targeted messaging and accompanying copy, paper goods, packaging, and consumer packaged goods.

Board member

I share my time and talent with two non-profit boards, both benefitting young people and the arts.

I am on the Board of Directors at Oregon Children’s Theatre (where I serve on the executive committee) and I’m on the board of the parent teacher organization at Beaverton, Oregon’s Art and Communication Magnet Academy (where I serve as the organization’s president).


I mentor young storytellers, I teach writing classes at public libraries, and I help high school students write college application essays. I teach aspiring Wonkas to make candy, I spread the joy of sharing sweets as often as I can. I give talks to large groups of people.

I love helping aspiring entrepreneurs and strive to answer all how-to questions that pop up in my email, in comments, and at events. Home bakers and candy makers have a special place in my heart—I’m a veteran judge at the Oregon State Fair, providing feedback and education to a courageous collection of culinary competitors.