I love books

Making books, writing books, reading books, talking about books. I love books.

My first book, Candy Is Magic, won an IACP award and is considered to be the definite guide to making candy with real food ingredients. It’s been called ground-breaking, and while that seems a little over the top to me, it’s not exactly incorrect. I developed a process for making candy that shuns fake ingredients and embraces butter, fruit, chocolate, and more. I created a book that explains how to do it all at home, using regular kitchen equipment. I love this book.

My next book will be released on February 18, 2020. It's called BAKING GOLD and is being published by Ten Speed Press. It's filled with every recipe for every baked delight you didn’t even know you wanted to bake and the recipes are extra special, tried and true, one of kind, absolute perfection with no funny business added in. Baking Gold is available for pre-order NOW! Get it!