SUgar butter flour

I have always loved baking. I especially love baking for others.

My favorite treat to bake is a cake in a 9x13 pan. I prefer chocolate to any other flavor. I love chocolate cake the most if it's buried under a layer of peanut butter buttercream. I dream about chocolate cake under a layer of peanut butter buttercream that has fudge sauce poured on top. I like to eat this type of cake with a gold fork.

I'm currently working on a collection of baking recipes - everything from cake to breakfast treats. The best news of all is this: Ten Speed Press is going to help me magic this collection of recipes into a book! BAKING GOLD is due out early spring 2020! BAKING GOLD 2020! 

In the meantime, your new favorite chocolate cake recipe (plus a recipe for the greatest ever peanut butter buttercream) can be found in my book, Candy is Magic: