Closer to Gold

Some mid-level (to you)/high-level (to me) important news items to share:

My new book with Ten Speed Press is definitely coming out in early spring 2020 (that is in just about one year if you can believe it!), and the title of the book is definitely BAKING GOLD (subtitle TBD, still deciding between two hot tickets).

The recipe list for the book still thrills me. I love these recipes so much that I am still - even with the manuscript turned in - digging around for “extra” time and squeezing in baking sessions simply so we can continue to enjoy these treats! Bubble Buns! Darling Buttercream Darlings! Caramelized Milk Brownies! I’m going to bake these guys forever.

I am still experiencing a tiny bit of disbelief when I think about Baking Gold’s photo team because they are the exact same people who made THIS real work of art. I’ll be in NYC for the book shoot in mere days!

If you like online learning and you want to make candy, you really should check out my class on Bluprint/Craftsy (they make candy look so good).

I remain a dedicated reader and have recently enjoyed (and highly recommend) the following:
Bad Blood (the book about Theranos)
Louisiana’s Way Home (about Louisiana Elefante of Raymie Nightingale fame)
The Untelling (Tayari Jones is perfection)
The Dreamers (beautiful strange and real)
The Night Diary (middle grade book that will tear your heart out)

Jami Curl