Hard Work Montage Coming Soon

I love super fun collaborative projects, and I'm lucky enough to have friends who love the same experiences. Michelle Ott is an illustrator based in California, and we've been working together on various cool projects for years (CANDY IS MAGIC BEING ONE OF THEM!) I love working with Michelle because she is extraordinarily talented and is someone who BLASTS IT even more than I do. She's always working on something, she's always getting better, she's never one to chill at low speed. We're a perfect match.

Our latest collaboration is a newsletter called HARD WORK MONTAGE. Our first issue is almost ready. It's about written correspondence and the importance of letter writing (a subject near and dear to my heart). I don't want to say much more because I'd like for you to experience HWM and the correspondence issue when it arrives. We're shooting for July 1. In the meantime, here are some sneaky peaks!


And here's something on the subject truly worth watching: watch it!

Jami Curl