Baking Gold 2020

Very excellent news!

I'm going to write another book with Ten Speed Press! This time around I'm turning my focus to baking. I've been working and working to distill all of my baking experience and ideas down to the exact recipes and tips/tricks you need to make the best baked goods of your life. Sounds outrageous, doesn't it? AND IT WILL BE!

I"m formulating my list of BEST EVER GOLD recipes now. Here are a few you might see in early spring 2020 when this great job of a baking book is published:

Buttermilk Brown Sugar Blueberry Crumble Layer Cake
Marshmallow Cookie Cake
Cherry Chocolate Coconut Scones
Pretzel Toffee Chocolate Cherry Cookies
Black Tea and Lemon Butter Cookies
Cinnamon Sugar Bubble Buns
Chocolate Custard Twisty Bread

More soon! xx

Jami Curl