Never Gift, Please.

Today I was forced to explain why I disagree so strongly with the completely ridiculous concept of using gift as a verb. This was a work-related conversation. And I was talking to someone altogether unbothered by this terrible use of an otherwise lovely word.

Let’s be clear: I am 100% totally completely over the top against using the word gift as a verb.

Is my disdain of this practice irrational? Maybe. Do I see the practice linked directly to companies and "marketers" who are attempting to sell me something so that I may "gift" it to someone else So that that person can then say "Oh thanks, I like my sweater, too. It was gifted to me." PROBABLY.

In reality, and in one million hundred years, I'll never explain it as well as it's explained HERE in The Atlantic. Do yourself a favor, 'tis the season for shopping and wrapping and gift giving. Please think twice before you (say) gift. Or get gifted. And do yourself an additional favor and read the Atlantic piece! It says that "gifting is the "moist" of the action-word world"! Could not have said it better myself, amen.

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Jami Curl