Boring or Exciting, Who Can Tell?

Here’s what’s happening at my house right now:

  • My son is reading a middle grade novel about magicians. The book features all kinds of tricks. He reads the book, then obsesses over reproducing the tricks. Today he asked me if it was okay to dip one of our drinking glasses into washable glue (he actually called it “removable” glue) because he needed it for his “act”.

  • With a signed contract in a file in a box in a vintage pie safe, I’m about halfway finished with BAKING GOLD! At least that’s what I’m calling it for now. It’s that baking cookbook I told you about. Thus far the only issues I’m running into involve recipes (I have 3 times the amount of recipes than the publisher is asking for) and recipe testing (I am running out of people to force cookies upon).

  • I have been working at the library I love the most. Making the move from volunteer to employee has been so fun and so exciting and also VERY GREAT. I’ve found that I connect best with readers who are children under 13 and adults over 65. I also love any project that involves helping people to do their jobs with greater efficiency and more joy.

  • I am currently reading Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones and it’s helped me to realize that the fiction I love the most always involves tales of growing up. I think this is why I love middle grade fiction so much.

  • The book that’s made me cry the most lately is The Widower’s Notebook by Jonathan Santlofer. I love memoir. Probably because the genre generally focuses on the growth and change that’s so necessary to the human experience.

Also, look at this. I can’t figure out if it’s depressing or very motivating. What do you think?

Jami Curl